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Cantilever Racks, also known as furniture or pipe racks are a great solution for storage of long, bulky materials such as lumber, any type of metal, aluminium or PVC. Cantilever racks are a very efficient means of storing material. The storage density with a cantilever rack can be very high if you plan out how you will use it efficiently, but generally cantilever rack’s flexibility makes it a very popular storage solution with near immediate return on investment.

Cantilever Rack Uprights
Like pallet rack, cantilever has specific components that work together to create larger bays and rows of storage. Uprights are the main structural components in any cantilever rack installation. Uprights work with bases to create the ‘backbone’ of the rack. Uprights are available in single, or double sided configurations – with double sided uprights, you can store material on both sides of the rack.

Cantilever Rack Arms
Similar to pallet rack beams, cantilever arms make up the actual ‘levels’ that are used for storage. The arms are typically adjustable on the upright to create shelf levels of whatever height are needed. Arms can be straight or inclined to hold goods that may roll off. Some arms come with a “lip” that attaches to the end of the arm to prevent loads from slipping off the front of the rack.

Cantilever Rack Braces
The last component of cantilever rack is bracing. The braces go between uprights and stabilize the rack laterally. Braces are not intended to hold loads and should only ever be used to connect and brace the uprights in a row.



With expenses as high as they are it is essential that today’s warehouse planner get the most from every square inch of usable space. A free standing structural mezzanine give you a clear open space over your existing office, storage or production area without impeding your available floor space. Because a MEZZTEK mezzanine is a free standing structure it does not rely on any attachment to your existing building or rack system for support.

MEZZTEK mezzanines are pre-engineered to meet CNB code regulations with a capacity of 150 lb to 300 lbs per square foot uniformly distributed load bearing. MEZZTEK mezzanines can be fabricated to fit any size, height or capacity requirements and can be finished in a variety of colors. MEZZTEK mezzanines are all pre-fabricated to suit the needs of our clients and are installed as bolted on-site installations. In the event of expansion to a new building or relocation in the same building MEZZTEK mezzanines are easily dismantled and relocated.

STRUCTURE: Structural steel 55,000 p.s.i
FLOORING: With 5 different flooring types to meet all applications.
RAILINGS: Following strict CNBC regulations.
GATES: Gates to meet all loading requirements.
STAIRS: Stairs are all welded unless previously stated in any height required.
BRACING: is also installed (bolted) as required.



New Racking

Our innovative and cost effective storage solutions are designed to ensure our client’s best interest in terms of safety, security, operation efficiency and investment.

For our clients who require NEW racking, we are proud to announce that we distribute manufactured Pallet Racking products. In addition to traditional welded systems, we also offer our clients a bolted system.

This innovative application allows the customer the flexibility to modify their existing racking system to meet their changing needs or even repair damaged racking at a fraction of the price; all the while offering the same structural integrity and load capacity as the Welded System.

Used Racking

MEZZTEK has a very large inventory of used racking and shelving.

Our entire inventory of used product is stored and organized to insure its integrity. Because of our long standing commitment to safety and security, we only purchase the very best quality of used merchandise for resale.

Each piece is carefully inspected and any materials that are damaged or deemed to be sub-standard are rejected and sold for scrap.


MEZZTEK is a major supplier of wire-mesh storage lockers and wire-mesh partitions designed for a variety of uses.

Reputed being: “The Strongest in the Business”, MEZZTEK builds their lockers using the finest all-steel products including galvanized steel. In order to accommodate our team to breathe clean air while preserving the Earth, we use eco-friendly-leaf_img Eco-Friendly water-based paint.

Our engineers specialize in customizing designs to meet your specific storage and or security needs. We design and manufacture what you need!

MEZZTEK’s manufacturing surpasses other industry standards and only experienced and qualified labourers are employed to carry out our client’s customized design needs.

Our trained and certified RBQ/APCHQ partners and contractors will ensure that your installation is done safely, efficiently and professionally.

Delivery and installation are available.

Storage Lockers Brochure.

Storage Lockers Specifications.



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Double-tier lockers are half the height of a full tier locker. The door height splits the locker in half.

The upper locker has a shelf at the bottom which is framed reinforced wire mesh. Another option could include a metal shelf.